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LOS ALAMOS MIDDLE SCHOOL Bulletin for Thursday, February 25, 2021

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Starting Monday, March 1, we will have a new schedule. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JrVQIOHg2dve-57UxioYTR3sKuC8fVqLgh-vieJ5XVo/edit?usp=sharing
The Remote Learning time will be earlier, 8:00-11:30am. All students will attend 4 days a week.
The afternoon In-Person time will be from 12:55-2:55pm. Students in the A Cohort will attend Monday and Tuesday. The B Cohort will attend Thursday and Friday.
For students attending in person, please make sure they arrive at school with:

    A well fitting cloth mask (at least two-ply- no gaiters please) and a spare, A personal size bottle of hand sanitizer, Two pens, Two pencils, One package of loose-leaf paper, A backpack, Their school issued Chromebook, A filled water bottle. Students will drink outside or in empty hallways, If you can spare a roll of paper towel, we would appreciate it, Your child’s teacher may ask for additional supplies once school begins

LAMS Spring 2021 Athletics
Exciting news! Abbreviated practice seasons will begin in March for LAMS Athletes. Please click the following link if you're interested in knowing more about LAMS Spring 2021 Athletic programs:

The next Saturday School will meet virtually on February 27, 8:30am-noon. Students can use the time to work on homework, catch up on missing work, take tests and quizzes, or get general tutoring help. Teachers will be available to answer questions.
Sign up students at this link, https://forms.gle/w3yjAPZugbV6f3178.
Registered students will receive an invitation to the Google Classroom and Google Meet for Saturday School.
While we are on the remote learning schedule, Saturday School will be held virtually from 8:30-noon. When Saturday School is able to take place in person, students will be at school for the full 3.5 hours. While it is virtual, students will be able to log off when the work is complete.
The Saturday School Website, https://sites.google.com/laschools.net/lams-saturday-school/home, has all the dates scheduled for the year.

Remote+ In-Person Learning Orientation Orientation:
Next week on 2/23 and 2/26, we will have 30 minute orientation sessions for students joining us for Remote+ In-Person School. Orientation is just for students. Here is the schedule:
2/23 is for Monday and Tuesday Students and 2/26 is for Thursday and Friday Students

Black Mesa and Atomic: 2/23 and 2/26 1:00-1:30
Silver and Lightning: 2/23 and 2/26 1:45-2:15
Sky and Thunder: 2/23 and 2/26 2:30-3:00

There will be no transportation for orientation.

PowerSchool, https://laps.powerschool.com/public/home.html. It has the student's schedule, grades, attendance, teacher emails, daily bulletin, locker number, and notification settings.

Clever, https://clever.com/in/laps. Used as a portal to link to other apps including the online textbooks for Math, Social Studies, Science, Foreign Language, etc.

Teachers and Students will use Google products including Google Classroom, Sheets, Doc, Forms, Meet, Flipgrid, and more. Contact Rosa Schmitz, r.schmitz@laschools.net, if you need help with any of these tools.

LAMS Remote Learning Schedule https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ybPXfX7y-Q9HIXmZ6CnsBd0vbZWjVHrDfrn-nduuD4g/edit?usp=sharing)

Club List, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lhrGnFWxeTrAZEKpkDfmaoyqUhqSbeX3JF-k0blQSMo/edit?usp=sharing
Club Calendar, https://docs.google.com/document/d/15hr8NwbpMF4EKnvOUtOe4DYjt7EStrTgqOTbzeyFCH8/edit?usp=sharing

LAMS Event Calendar, https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=lamsevents%40laschools.net&ctz=America%2FDenver

Chromebook repair, contact Gary Penny, g.penny@laschools.net or 663-2390.
Attendance clerk, Kathleen Gonzales, k.gonzales@laschools.net, 663-2376

Thank you to all of you who have connected your Smith's Rewards card to Los Alamos Middle School. We saw an increase last quarter! If you would consider connecting your card to LAMS while you have a child here, that would make a huge impact. So many things happen with the money we receive from Smith's.
You can easily connect your card to LAMS at: https://www.smithsfoodanddrug.com/account/communityrewards/ Thank you for considering this way to give. :)

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